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Licenced fonts can add real commercial value to global brands and corporations. Expressive, emotive and engaging, they convey the character of your brand, helping you find your voice and individuality wherever you do business. We’re here to help guide you through the process, fine-tuning your specific requirements every step of the way.

William Grant & Sons

The graceful thick-and-thin curves of F37 Bergman blended perfectly with the premium whisky maker’s new look.


A sharp, healthy-looking version of F37 Ginger was used as part of Boots’ recent brand refresh.


An ace version of F37 Jagger became Dunlop Sans, taking the iconic racket maker back into play.

GM Cruise

GM Cruise is one of the world’s biggest self-driving car companies in the world. And F37 Ginger was behind the wheel of a major rebrand.

How it Works

We understand that font licensing can be a difficult process. That’s why we have a team with more than 15 years combined experience in licensing font software for brands, digital agencies, and consumers worldwide.

Our Brand Font licencing is a bespoke service, covering all commercial scenarios including: application, branding, broadcast, CPU, digital ads, digital media, e-publishing, gaming, merchandise, motion pictures, OEM, signage, video-on-demand and web servers.

We create bespoke licensing agreements for our clients. These allow room for growth, future technologies and brand strategy and give you peace of mind.

We have worked closely with major brands, including PepsiCo, Google, Dunlop, Barclays, Selfridges, and Intercontinental Hotels.

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Our elegant F37 Bella font was used extensively across packaging designs for Selfridges Selection.


A version of our popular sans, F37 Ginger, specially modified for PepsiCo’s carbonated water brand.


A new version of F37 Ginger for Pingit, a handy money-management app from Barclays, that’s bang on the money.


Progressive and contemporary, F37 Ginger is the main brand font for OnHub, Google’s next-generation Wi-Fi.

InterContinental Hotels Group

F37 Ginger checked in to Avid Hotels, helping create a distinct visual voice for its worldwide launch.


Online hair and beauty bookings platform Treatwell plumped for a customised version of F37 Ginger.

Square Mile

F37 Bella is used to spruce up covers and feature articles in City of London men’s magazine Square Mile.

Top Gear

Top Gear took F37 Ginger on the road, using it for all publications, online media, and broadcasts worldwide.

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